02 febrero 2010

Insecure Magazine 24

Ya han lanzado el número 24 de Insecure Magazine.

El enlace de descarga aquí:

El contenido de este número (en inglés):

The covered topics include:

- Writing a secure SOAP client with PHP: Field report from a real-world project
- How virtualized browsing shields against web-based attacks
- Review: 1Password 3
- Preparing a strategy for application vulnerability detection
- Threats 2.0: A glimpse into the near future
- Preventing malicious documents from compromising Windows machines
- Balancing productivity and security in a mixed environment
- AES and 3DES comparison analysis
- OSSEC: An introduction to open source log and event management
- Book review - Hacking: The Next Generation
- Q&A: Sandra Toms LaPedis on RSA Conference 2010
- Secure and differentiated access in enterprise wireless networks
- Achieving continuous PCI compliance with IT GRC

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